Flash Fiction Friday

elsa FFF Background image: Frozen by Disney.

Welcome to the Bugle’s first Flash Fiction Friday! Cheers to those dropping by, and thanks to those who have followed us. If you did so because of the prompts, I hope you enjoy the way we do things. But, since we are just getting started, procedures may evolve with time.  Above all, my mission here is to provide some inspiration and excitement to your creative endeavors.

Short Version: In the comment section below, post links to your poem, song, flash fiction, or artwork. All works must respond to at least one of the prompts listed below. Prompts never expire, and more than one may be used for the same work.

Prompt List:
Cryokinesis (Ex: ice creation, snow demon, freeze ray, cold magic)
(Ant)Arctic/Snow Animal (Ex: walrus, robotic polar bear, alien creature, talking penguin)
Winter Sports (What would that look like in Fairyland or on an alien world?)
Body of Water

Long Version: New prompts will be posted every Sunday morning. Fresh Flash Fiction posts will go up every Friday morning. Please, only link works to the Flash Fiction posts. Prompts are given with speculative and gothic fiction writers in mind, but all genres and subject matter (including odes to your pet!) are welcome. So visitors can easily find your work, each week’s Flash Fiction post will remain pinned to the top of our home page until it is replaced with a new one.

Prompt Response Guidelines:
(I love fan fiction/art, but…) Original work only, please. 
Tell us which prompt(s) you are responding to.
Respond with as many works as you like.
Please use NSFW and/or trigger warnings for adult or extreme content.

Response Examples:
Poetry including free form, haiku, songs, couplets, riddles, dirges, sonnets, etc.
Fiction @ 100 – 2000 words. Play/screenplay format welcome.
Artwork = a photo of your sketch, painting, pottery, needlework, etc.

Sharing Guidelines:
Wordpress users – post prompt responses to your own blog with a link back to this specific post. Your pingback notification should then show up below. Please tag your posts #bcb_fff.
Other blog users – leave a link to your work in the comments below.
Everyone else – feel free to post work directly in the comments below. Please keep poetry and fiction under 2000 words.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

Suggestions for using this as a writing exercise:
Try writing in a different genre, pov, or format than usual.
Write 300-500 words using only dialogue or only descriptive prose.
Pick one prompt and do a 15-30 min. timed session of stream of consciousness writing.
Use multiple prompts together to create a new adventure for your characters.
Write to a specific word count (100, 300, 500, etc) to practice your editing skills and sentence crafting.

For inspirational music and imagery, check out our Music Monday posts.

Final Note: This is meant to be fun and motivating, so please don’t stress about making your work perfect. We’re all learning here. Just do…and then share it with us! Happy creating everyone!


  1. Poem – Thundersnow

    I took my own suggestion and wrote something I never do – a haiku…

    Huddled close and cold.
    Vicious white. Wrong thunder bright.
    Hope! Warm spring awaits.


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